Hi all,

With this post, I want to explain how to increase LVM disk size that exist on linux server on “KVM virtualization”. I will resize image on KVM and then increase size of “/home” partition.

Resize Image

Firstly, I will resize image (.qcow2 file) with this command that below:

At above code, I increased “MBs-TST.qcow2” with “150GB”.

Disk Usage for “/home” Directory

List Disks

Check Volume Group for Free Size

Create Partition Table

Reboot the Server

List Disks again

Extend Volume Group

Check Volume Group for Free Size again

Extend Logical Volume (“ol-home”) with all Free Space

Commit Changes (Grows the “/home”)

Check Directory (“/home”)

I increased “/home” partition with “150GB” that added to server on KVM.